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We care about Insulation

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Many years of experience ensure the selection and processing of high-quality materials for top-performing products.

Many years of experience ensure the selection and processing of high-quality materials for top-performing products.

With several years of experience, MPE understands the importance of building on a strong foundation. Thanks to the expertise of our Primate brand team, we offer building insulation materials that cater to diverse needs while ensuring top quality and versatility.

MPE manages everything from designing to implementing insulation systems. We are personally involved in every step of the process, from selecting materials, combining them, conducting acoustic analysis, obtaining certification from internationally accredited organizations, production, to final delivery to the customer.

In collaboration with Primate - well living protection, we aim to provide home solutions that align with the residents and the environment. Our objective is to ensure maximum acoustic and thermal comfort using certified and eco-friendly materials, derived from unused scraps to promote the idea of a circular economy that drives all our projects.

Case studies

Primate Phonomax

Acoustic insulation

It’s the sound impact absorbing mat made of chemically cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam and heat-bonded recycled polyester fibre, with high basis weight and high resistance to compression. PHONOMAX guarantees excellent insulation from foot traffic noise

Noise silencer

ARPRO award winner

This silencer for domestic use is a special project of which we are particularly proud. From the idea to the drawings, planning, solutions, prototyping, development and production, every step has been managed by MPE. The benefits of the product are obvious, such as noise reduction and reduced heat loss in the home.

Vitanova 100

Thermal insulation

Our never-ending search for innovative and sustainable products has led us to the creation of this gray printed sheet created for insulation with external insulation systems and composed of the 100% secondary raw material Neopor BMB® (Biomass Balance) by BASF using only renewable sources (REDcert2 certified). The benefits of building with this panel are energy savings and comfort.


This panel is made up of a mixture of virgin pearls with different thermal conductivity, improved by Neopor® graphite from BASF λᴅ 0.030 W/mK with closed cells for thermal insulation.

VARIOWALL is one of the three elements that, together with the wall and floor, make up the Plastbau construction system. It's an insulating modular EPS formwork block for the construction of load-bearing reinforced concrete walls.

This impact absorbing mat is the result of a recent development to improve performance and is specifically designed to provide good footfall sound absorption and fire resistance.

Primate's SILENTIUM LIVING sound-absorbing panel system offers an innovative approach to enhancing acoustic comfort in shared spaces and rooms.