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Certifications and Partnerships

From mine to ours


When different people believe in the possibility of a better production system that leads to the creation of quality and sustainable products, we are part of a virtuous circle that involves the entire industry. Doing so, we can promptly identify critical issues, discuss and propose concrete solutions.

MPE has established some collaborations with other companies in the industry because only together can we achieve important goals by receiving prestigious certifications or becoming an active part of trade associations.





Collaborations and Networks


MPE uses Neopor® BMBcertTM, an enhanced version of BASF's Neopor® graphite-expandable polystyrene, for making products designed for thermal insulation in buildings. With the Biomass Balance (BMB) Method, certified renewable sources such as biomass (like organic waste and production waste) completely replace primary fossil sources from the start of the supply chain. This helps reduce CO2 emissions.


Since 2010, MPE has collaborated with other industry leaders to form the EPS ITALIA business network. The network aims to enhance the development, efficiency, and innovative capacity of each participating company through cooperation and integration.


At MPE, our collaboration with ReMade in Italy® is particularly important. ReMade in Italy® is a voluntary association that certifies companies producing materials with recycled content. The association also analyses recycled material flows to ensure transparency and compliance with circular economy guidelines.


MPE is part of the ARPRO Partner Program, which consists of collaborators around the world who play an important role in providing customers with a wide range of services before and after the sale. These services include advice on choosing and adapting a product, price selection on supply, technical support, operator training and maintenance, and subsidiary activities.