From to-do to done


From to-do to done


A ongoing collaboration with our customers

Our distinctive approach is the 360° collaboration we have with our customer, a continuous relationship based on the common idea of following the rules of the circular economy to create products with a longer life while reducing waste. Here are some of the services offered by MPE.



It’s the opportunity MPE offers to its customers with the aim to share ideas and test tailor-made solutions driven by diversification and originality. Using creativity and design, we pursue the optimization of existing products and propose new applications for the currently produced materials to refine their quality and explore new possible uses. MPE LAB is dedicated to helping you shape, develop, and test your ideas with the support of people who understand customers' needs and industry expectations. Most importantly, they recognize the importance of competence and teamwork in achieving growth.

Prototyping and 3D printing

MPE produces high standard prototypes that are suitable for validation tests such as aging, impact resistance, temperature resistance, assembly, shape and function tests. The prototyping service covers the entire range of polypropylene and polystyrene moulded densities, including application-specific and color variants. So MPE is able to guide prototyping, assembly of complex components and sub-assembly with inserts. In addition to the standard technologies used to create prototypes, MPE also offers a 3D printing service to create them with extreme precision in a reduced amount of time.



We know how important it is to obtain a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with accurate results, especially when testing a product's response to stress through dynamic loads in the automotive industry. (e.g. crash tests) Thanks to the FEA method, we have the possibility to easily predict any critical issues and operate on production, implementing design changes or optimizing prototyping. The method is also valid for complex systems and hybrid materials, allowing us to obtain in-depth analysis and make changes to the components and to the shape of a product we want to create, reducing the margin of error and saving on costs and time.


Industrialization is the stage that comes after prototyping. It aims to optimize production processes and reduce costs. MPE also provides this service, which is crucial for production, especially large-scale production, and acts as a link between design and production. Through the industrialization process, one can enhance features without increasing costs, or improve economic competitiveness without sacrificing performance. The objectives of industrializing a product are: - Reduction of overall production costs - Construction of components - Procurement of commercial materials - Definition and management of production/purchase batches - Optimization of inventory - Performance improvement - Design refinement - Ergonomics improvements (depending on the project)



Production is the final step of every project. Whether it is about a mass production or small batches, MPE is able to carefully follow the whole production process without wasting time. Its advanced technology allows MPE to create any type of product in expanded polystyrene and expanded polypropylene according to the highest quality standards required by the market: EPS sheets for the building industry, EPP shells for HVAC projects, bumpers or parts protection for the automotive sector, furniture items in EPP, thermoboxes in EPS and EPP, different components for handling parts and much more. Any customer’s need, even the most demanding, can be realized by MPE.